Wednesday, 26 February 2014

More Wool!

A few weeks ago I sent most of the remainder of our fall clip in for processing, and it's come back. I now have beautiful skeins of Icelandic lopi yarn in their natural colours from our flock of organic sheep!

We used a family-run spinning mill, Wellington Fibres out of Elora, ON to process our fibre. Our wool was washed using a gentle, biodegradable soap, spun into single-ply lopi yarn, and skeined into 150-175g skeins. 

Lopi yarn is a type of yarn that is well-suited to Icelandic wool; lopi is the traditional form of yarn from Icelandic sheep. Icelandic wool is dual coated. The shorter inner fibres (the thel) are very soft, fine, and highly insulating. The outer fibres (the tog) are longer, glossy, and water repellant. They are gently spun creating a yarn that is lightweight, breathable, and water repellant. Icelandic lopi yarns yield clothing that is light and comfortable to wear, and they keep you dry and cozy. No wonder my sheep look happy no matter the weather!

I haven't actually knit yet with these yarns, so the recommended needle sizes are estimates based on the weight and yardage.

Heather-Grey Lopi 
150 yards/160 gram (large) skeins

This yarn is from our black-grey mouflon ram, Roscoe, and our black-grey badgerface ewe, Wrena. It is a lovely mix of dark and light greys. This is on the light side of a Bulky weight yarn and could be knitted with US size 9-11 knitting needles (5.5mm - 8mm).

$22.50 each

Cream Lopi 
150 yards/175 gram (large) skeins
This yarn, in a solid cream hue, is from our white ewes, Skeeter, and is quite soft. This yarn is a Bulky weight yarn and could be knitted with US size 10-13 knitting needles (6mm - 9mm).
$25.00 each

Cream Lambswool Lopi
170 yards/150gram (large) skeins
This yarn, in a cream colour, is from 3 of our white lambs, Freddy, LuAnn, and Kaygirl. The lightest weight of the three yarns, this one is a bit thicker than a Worsted weight yarn and could be knitted with US size 7-9 knitting needles (4.5-5.5mm).
$21.00 each

The pricing is based on my cost to produce.

To order, please get in touch by phone or email. 

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