Monday, 2 June 2014

All in a day

It was an eventful Sunday.

First, we trekked out to Renfrew County, and the Nicholson Family Farm, to pick up our pigs. Welcome home, Large Black Hogs! 

We have 6 weaners (so named because they have just been weaned). The Large Black is a heritage pig, superb for pasture-based production. This type of pig can obtain a lot of their nutrition from grazing, their black skin prevents sunburn, and they are well-suited to being reared outdoors. Right now they're only about 25lbs each, but in another 6 months, they'll be tipping the scales at 250lbs or so!

While the new pigs were busy making themselves at home in their new pasture, I headed out to check on the sheep. They have been very content these last few weeks, with lots of grass.

The lambs are still super-cute, but can you believe how fast they are growing? Here is Loretta (a good-sized ewe), grazing with her two lambs. Look how big they are getting - these lambs were born at 8lbs each, and that was only 7 weeks ago! These mamas are working hard!  

As I got ready to head back in, I noticed this little friend had followed me, all the way out to the way-back-pasture. (I knew that there must be a reason that Fanny was bellering as I walked out.) Bubbles must have wanted to come for a visit to her sheep friends?

Bubbles and I walked back together, where our gal Fanny was waiting patiently. She always comes to say hi and get a scratch between the ears. Her coat is starting to shine up and I think she's starting to put on a few more pounds.

A good day.

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