Tuesday, 5 August 2014

2014 Certified Organic Lamb and Pastured Pork. And an update.

Wow, the summer has really flown by! We've been super busy this past little while...

We've made about 1000 bales of hay (hurray!) and while they're not in the loft yet - we're still shopping around for a hay elevator to get them up there - they're stacked at the barn. It's nice not to have to be worrying about the weather all the time!

The garden is really coming in nicely, too. We do have a few patches where the weeds are taking hold, but we've really been enjoying all of these fresh veggies. And my goodness, what a year for berries it has been! Gooseberries, currants, raspberries, chokecherries, and the wilds up in the forest. We've been feasting on berries, yum, yum! 

Our cows and chickens are happy with all of this nice weather. They are doing their job, eating the grass and weeds, and providing us with amazing fresh eggs and delicious fresh milk. Thanks guys!

The sheep are keeping happy out on their graze. Our lambs are getting HUGE! Some of this spring's lambs are already looking almost as big as my yearlings! Way to go, mamas! And, speaking of lamb, we are already 75% sold out for our lamb for this year, which means that there is still some delicious, Certified Organic, Icelandic lamb available for order. The lamb will be butchered in the fall, and available for pickup on the farm in November. We are selling by the half- or whole-lamb, and charging $13.00 per pound. We think that whole lambs will weigh approximately 32-38lbs of finished cuts. You can read more, and place an order online, on the ORDER FORM page.

The pigs are also growing incredibly fast. They are loving all of the kitchen scraps and day-old bread, and also gobbling up the graze in their pasture, and extras from my garden. They make quite the little pack - friendly and inquisitive - as long as it's not mealtime, when they're downright pushy. This fall we are selling Pastured Pork by the box, a mix of cuts with a minimum order of 10lbs. We have orders for about 1/3 of our anticipated supply of pork, so let us know if you'd like some, too! You can read more and place your order online on the ORDER FORM page.

We're always happy to have helpers out to the farm for a visit and a tour and sharing some of the spoils of the garden and the berry patches. Just get in touch!

Hope your summer is going great, too!

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