Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Birds of Rock's End Farm

Photo of heron by Richard and Diane (see Flickr photostream)
Because Rock's End Farm lies at the edge of the Canadian Shield, backed by hundreds of acres of forest, and because it is dissected by a meandering ravine - it attracts a lot of birds. Admittedly, we are not bird connoisseurs nor avid bird watchers, but we have enjoyed seeing everything from bluejays and woodpeckers to hawks and giant wild turkeys soar over the farm, and we know that maintaining an organic, diverse and small-scale farm goes a long way to protecting bird species and their habitats.

Well it turns out that experienced bird watchers have catalogued 118 different bird species at Nakkertok - the ski club which shares land with Rock's End Farm. Here's a list of them:

Even better, here is a link to Richard and Diane's Flickr photostream, which has some outstanding photos of these (and other) birds:

House Wren right near the farm, taken by Richard & Diane

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