Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Braised Lamb Neck - Delicious!

Another new cut of lamb for supper, another new favourite!

We tried lamb neck the other day, and it was really good...we liked it, and once again, my 2 year old gobbled up the meat before touching anything else on her plate (for the record, she does eat all of her vegetables too, although there seems to be a clear preference pattern emerging...)

This wasn't a quick recipe, but it sure turned out great.

Braised Lamb Neck

In the morning I set the neck slices (about 1 lb total) into a marinade - about 2 cups total - made of red wine, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, a few cloves of coarsely chopped garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper.

While my daughter napped in the late afternoon, I moved onto the next steps:

In an ovenproof/stovetop dish, I browned the lamb neck slices on high heat in olive oil, then took them out of the dish and set them aside.

I added some onion to the dish, and sautéed, adding cinammon, cumin, and paprika. Once the onions were cooked, I poured all of the marinade juices/herbs/garlic into the onion and spices and let it cook down for a few minutes.

Then I put the browned neck slices back into the dish with the onions and juices, and added just enough red wine to cover the meat. Covered the dish, and into the oven it went at 300 F for about 2 hours.

By supper time our house was smelling AMAZING. And we were all getting hungry...We had the braised lamb slices with some roasted potatoes, peppers & zucchini, with some of the juices drizzled on top.


Lamb Stock
After supper I threw all of the bones back into the braising liquids, added some more water, and boiled until bedtime. The next morning I strained the liquid into jars for stock. And so, yesterday's fairly mundane vegetable soup was made more delicious, too.


Next year we will have the lamb neck left whole, rather than sliced and divided into 2 packages - it will give a larger cut for a more substantial meal. As it was, we cooked up two packages of lamb neck slices and it was the right amount for our small family. If you bought a half lamb from us you'll only have one package of neck slices in your order - you could try adding it with stewing meat or another braising cut like the shanks, so that it's a bit of a larger meal.

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