Order your turkey for Thanksgiving and Muscovy duck for a special treat!  

Again this year we will be raising Heritage-breed Orlopp Bronze turkeys, $6.50/lb, and they'll be ready just in time for Thanksgiving. Orlopp Bronze turkeys are broad-breasted and extremely flavourful. As soon as they're old enough to go outside, they are raised on pasture in the sunlight and the grass, with free access to as many bugs and greens as they can harvest for themselves! Check out this article by Maclean's on why bronze turkeys are prized by chefs and foodies alike.

NEW THIS YEAR: We are raising a batch of Muscovy ducks! Muscovy duck is lean, meaty, and tender with a more pronounced flavour and more breast meat than other types of duck. The ducklings are kept indoors for one month, and then raised outdoors where they graze and forage for themselves. They also get certified organic duck ration. Ducks will be approximately 3-8lbs each and we are selling them for $8/lb.

This season's turkeys and ducks are Certified Organic by Quebec Vrai. 

We also keep a small flock of laying hens (chickens) and have a limited quantity of pastured eggs available from time to time. Contact us if you would like to find out more about getting eggs. 

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