Lopi Yarns
The Icelandic fleece is naturally dual coated, with a shorter, very fine thel (the undercoat, suitable for next-to-the-skin wear and baby garments), and a longer, stronger tog (the outercoat, suitable for hard-wearing fabrics, rugs, and outer garments). Spun together they create the traditional Icelandic lopi yarn. Clothing will be light and comfortable to wear, and they keep you dry and cozy. No wonder my sheep look happy no matter the weather! We used a family-run spinning mill, Wellington Fibres, to process our fibre. Our wool was washed using a gentle, biodegradable soap, spun into single-ply lopi yarn, and skeined into 135 gram skeins.

Heather-Grey Lopi 
168 yards/135 grams

This yarn is from our black-grey and spotted sheep. It is a lovely mix of dark and light greys.

Cream Lopi 
168 yards/135 grams
This yarn, in a solid cream hue, is from our white ewes. 

Washed and carded, ready for felting, spinning or crafting, our Icelandic rovings are available in black, grey, cream, and fawn. Rovings are processed at Freelton Fibre Mill (2015) and now locally at Noble Fibre Mill. Rovings are $3.50 per oz ($56/lb).

Icelandic Sheepskins

Our Icelandic sheepskins are soft and luxurious. They are perfect for keeping a loved one cozy and warm - in a baby's bassinet, on a favourite armchair, or in front of the fire. We have both full-fleece pelts (staple length 4-7") and short-wool pelts (staple length 2-4") in a variety of shades, sizes, and textures. Each sheep is individual, and each pelt is unique. Sheepskins range in price from $125 - $250 depending on the size.

Raw Fleeces
We reserve the best fall fleeces for sale as raw wool.  Below are some sample images. We now also have fleeces with shades of brown. Soft and silky, long and lustrous, some crimpy and some with a gentle curl, in an array of beautiful natural colours – these are lovely fleeces from healthy, happy animals. The fall fleeces from our organic Icelandic flock are perfect for spinning, felting, and crafting.  All of the fleeces have been thoroughly skirted to remove vegetative matter and any undesirable portions of the fleece. 

Adult sheep's fleece: $26/lb
Lambs fleece: $30/lb

Roscoe's fleece
This is a beautiful black-grey fleece from a yearling ram.
Long, curly, dark grey tog
Lots of light grey thel

Loretta's fleece
One of the standouts, a beautiful yearling black-grey fleece.
Both tog and thel are very soft on this gorgeous fleece.


KayGirl's fleece

A very soft, long white fleece with notes of oatmeal and grey.

Dora's fleece 

The colours on this supersoft lamb's fleece are incredible. Perhaps the best of the bunch. Grey thel with long dark grey, black and mahogany-brown tog.

These are some pictures from before and after the shearing...What a difference!